Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Configure Google Talk in Kopete

If you are a Google Apps user, and love to use Kopete than any other package, here's the settings you need to configure Kopete. Default settings do not work for domains other than Google Apps such as need to have following configurations.

   1. Go to Settings -> Configure
   2. New (or Add Account)
   3. Next
   4. Select Jabber
   5. On the first tab enter your account information
      Basic Setup
           Jabber Id: []
       [ ] Remember Password whatever you prefer
           Password: [xxxx]
   6. On the second tab, enter
       [x] Use protocol encryption (SSL)
       [x] Allow plain-text password authentication
       [x] Override default server information
           Server: []         Port: [5223]

     Good Luck!!!

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