Google Chrome Extension: Delicious Bookmarks

In my leisure time, I've got some time to do an extension for Google Chrome. I've been doing an extension for Firefox, so had some interest doing one for Chrome too. So, I created this extension "Delicious Bookmarks".

Google Chrome started support for extensions just abut 9 months ago for it's developer channel.(Developer Channel is the unstable version of Google Chrome; unstable than Beta version). And in early December 2009, Beta version of Windows release came with extensions enabled. With that Chrome Extension Gallery is opened, a common platform to download and install extensions, like Mozilla Firefox Add-on site. And in late January 2010 Google Chrome removed the beta tag off its extensions and now they are enabled for the stable general version. For Linux, extensions are enabled for it's beta version as of now.

Enough History! Let's talk about the extension I've done. As you may know Delicious is a online social bookmarking site for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. I've been addicted to this very much. If you go through my profile you may see that I've bookmarked more than 200 bookmarks in it. As I moved on to Google Chrome after using Mozilla Firefox some time, I had the need of having a simple extension to quickly and easily save bookmarks. And I'm sure most of the folks who are using Delicious would be loved to have a this kind of extension.

This is a simple, easy to use extension with a user-friendly interface. All the generally needed features such as tagging the bookmarks, writing  down notes, send to twitter etc. are available. So why don't you try it yourself!

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