Saturday, February 20, 2016

Writing microservices with WSO2 MSF4J

WSO2 has concluded another WSO2Con conference in grand style. The WSO2Con Asia 2016 has had special focus on the new WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java (WSO2 MSF4J in short) product. I have done a tutorial on how to write microservices with WSO2 MSF4J on the AppDev track. You can see the Agenda here -

The WSO2 MSF4j is a lightweight, fast runtime with an annotation-based programming model that offers to create microservices in Java with container-based deployment in mind. Microservices developed using WSO2 MSF4J can boot in just a few milliseconds in a Docker container and can easily be added to a Docker image definition.

In the tutorial, we have covered the following topics -
  • Introduction to Microservices Architecture (MSA)
  • Introducing key features of WSO2 MSF4J
  • Developing microservices with WSO2 MSF4J
  • Monitoring and securing microservices with WSO2 MSF4J
  • Introducing new features of WSO2 Application Server