Monday, March 22, 2010

Import your Delicious Bookmarks to Firefox OR get a XML backup

Have you ever had the need of having your Bookmarks in imported to Firefox so that you can browse through them easily from your address bar? Or do you ever needed an XML backup of all the Bookmarks you saved in Delicious? Safety first! You don't like to lose whole bunch of bookmarks collected for years get lost just because you forgot the password or the site is broken down, right?

The main reason I wanted this is to import the bookmarks into my browser, Mozilla Firefox. So that I can pretty easily search through them by the enhanced address/location bar.

To get a XML backup, use the following command,  

curl --user deliciousName:password -o DeliciousBookmarks.xml -O ''

(The downloading location is )
Give your Delicious user name and password at necessary places. ("curl" is the command that is used to download content from a given URL.)

Importing into Firefox is pretty much simple. You don't have to go through command line options. Here's how it is done.
1. Log in to Delicious and go to settings.

2. In it under Bookmarks section you can find Export/Backup Bookmarks. Click on it.
3. On the opened page, make sure you have checked "Include my tags" checkbox. Then Click on "Export".

4. Save the file in a suitable location. (If not prompted to save it, it'll be at your Downloads folder.)
5. Backing up is done. Now to import them to Firefox, go to Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks

6. Go to Import and Backup -> Import HTML on the opened dialogue box.
7. Then the Instructions are easy. Just follow the steps and give the file when asked to.

All done. Good Luck with that! :)

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  1. I like all you posts, they are all very informative and useful. This one is not the exception! Thank you very much for your work and keep up!