Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gentoo Maven Integration - Progress Report

Here's my progress report for the first phase of Gentoo Maven Integration project for 
finishing the work under Google Summer of Code and starting move in to 
a voluntary position. 

The goal of this project was to build maven and it's huge number of 
dependencies from source, and then facilitate the packagers for 
packaging maven-based Java packages. There are two eclasses which will 
facilitate bootstrapping maven along with building maven-based 
packages, and packaging Maven plugins. These eclasses address some 
fundamental issues of incompatibilities between Gentoo build system 
and Maven build system. 

There were two main goals for the project. One is building 
maven-from-source. It is now completed and has been thoroughly tested. 
There are around 40+ ebuilds that are direct dependencies of Maven 
which were packaged/bumped during the project period. General users of 
maven can have the full benefit from this package now. Please file 
bugs at if you find any. 

The second phase was a lengthy process and the scope wasn't fit for 
one and half months time. But with mentors' blessing, I've made a 
quite a big progress and was able to emerge a minimal package built 
via native Maven. 

Let me describe the surface details of the second phase. The idea was 
to facilitate the packagers to package maven-based packages. This has 
been a long-time blocker for Gentoo-Java (which extends to more than 
3-4 years). For this phase, we needed several requirements including 
dependency management issues and rewriting of pom.xml to match 
Gentoo's needs. One requirement in it was the need to have a mechanism 
to use the installed system jars instead of downloading the jars from 
maven repos. One another is that pom needs to respect the Gentoo SLOT 
system. Further, configuration details needed to be added to tell the 
JDK and JRE versions needed for building (ie need to add config bits 
to maven-compiler-plugin section in the pom). And, then it needs 
several maven plugins to build packages. There were enormous amount of 
plugins available that most of them need special attention separately. 
For the second phase, the hard part is over. And, as I said, I was 
able to emerge a minimal maven-based implementation. Maven isn't much 
cooperative when it comes to dependency management, but our solution 
worked well. 

Along with that, the first iteration of work is complete. I'm hoping 
to be the maintainer for Maven under Gentoo Java herd for the 
foreseeable future. And, I'm eagerly waiting to wear the Gentoo 
Developer hat one day. I'm interested in knowing the generic plan for 
recruiting developers who come via Summer of Code as well. 

There are few things to be done to bring the use of the Maven 
integration to it's full potential. These are more like plug-ins to 
the core base, and beautifying the process. I need to make new plans 
for these with help from Java herd. 

 * There's only five maven plugins has been packaged. Have a fresh 
look at maven-surefire-plugin. Needs to add all other plugins. 

 * Currently, when MAVEN_PARENTPOM_UNIQUE_ID is set to rewrite 
<parent> node of the pom, it rewrites all the poms in the project 
including sub-modules. The most probable usecase is that rewrite the 
parent element of the top-level/aggregator pom. The configuration bits 
needed are already there (-w option), but the implementation needs to 
be done. 

 * Merge the separate ebuilds of  maven-2.2.1 maven-2.2.1 release in 
to one. There are around 20+ ebuilds dedicated for this. These ebuilds 
probably won't be needed separately so it's ok to merge these 
together. Need to evaluate possibility of issues of having all these 

Here are some references if you are interested in getting deeper in 
Maven in Gentoo. Feel free to contact me if you like to extend your 
helping hand for the project. I'm at kasunbg +spamfree at
 * The wiki 1 - Developer and User guide for Maven in Gentoo -
 * The wiki 2 - Manpage for java-maven-2 eclass -
 * Repository 1 - gsoc-maven-overlay -
 * Repository 2 - Branch for Javatoolkit -
       * TracBrowser view -


  1. Which is the status of this project? Are you still going to be a Gentoo Dev? :-)

    1. Hi,
      This writeup is the current status of the project.

      Well, about continuing the project; to tell the truth, I have stalled the work at maven integration at the moment. The main reason being I got my first job, and there's a 6 months probation period. :)
      Apart from that, I took a break because of very exhaustive three months period I spent for this implementation (I was bounded by a contract which limited the time).

      I'm almost there to complete the Gentoo quizzes, so, hopefully I'll be a gentoo dev soon.
      Do you like to contribute to the project or are you from the java herd? :)

    2. I'm just a Gentoo user and in the past I was following the maven integration process on the planet to create an ebuild for Apache Tika.

      It'd be a pity this work doesn't go in the official portage tree so for this reason I was just wondering which is the status :-p There are many open issues with Java support on Gentoo (e.g. the Eclipse integration), the good end for this project could shorten the todolist.

      Thanks for your contribution to Gentoo and good luck with your new job :-)