Saturday, March 17, 2012

DocBook WebHelp UI features by screenshots!

I wrote this blog post to show some of the UI features provided by DocBook WebHelp. So, following is a set of screenshots I took which which is how webhelp will look like in the next release. The next release would probably be versioned as 1.77.x. These are taken from revision r9240 on 2012-03-16. You may download the latest snapshot from DocBook snapshots site. You may download the latest release here.

A chunked output page docbook webhelp. It includes a header in top with a company logo, Contents, and Search panes at left side; the real contents in the right larger section; And some minor but useful features at top-right corner. The browser is Chromium/Google Chrome 16. Click on the screenshot for a larger view.

You may hide/unhide the left sidebar by clicking on  SIDEBAR at top-right corner in the page. Isn't that a easier way to read the contents? or do you prefer the default way? For larger monitors the effect is minimal!

A zoomed view the Contents pane in left. This shows the Table of Contents of the documentation, broken down by chapters/sections. You can configure the number of tree levels if you think it's necessary.

Plain search view. You can turn on/off the Search Highlighter provided. Try it yourself!

A typical search results section.  Read here to understand how the search result summaries appeared! And, we provide search scoring/rating mechanism for better searching.
A search with several words. WebHelp displays the results for the whole query, as well as for individual words which is nicely sectioned as shown above.

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